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Movie release up -29 may 2020
Movie type-Tamil, Drama,Thrillar
Duration-2 hrs 18 mins
Movie cast-J Fredrick,Suriya,Rajsekar Pandian,Jyothika,R.Parthiepan,K. Bhagyaraj,Pratap Pothen,Jyothika,Govind Vasantha 
Overall verdict:5 Directors acted in this movie. Good Social Message ending up the movie. Worth Watching

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Ponmagal Vanthal full movie HD download

    Ponmagal Vanthal Story

    Get Ponmagal Vanthal full movie HD download Links in different quality 1080p,720p,360p,watch tamil movies online,download Ponmagal Vanthal full movie HD in our article.Vandhal movie which stars jyothika as a lawyer named rainbow now she has a personal mission she digs up a case that has gone cold for some 15years. It was solved 15 years ago but there's something fishy about it so she starts digging into it again and the rest of the film is about what happens to the case and whether she wins or not.

    We may think is a fairly obvious conclusion but what is interesting about the film is what the case is about and what the issue is about the case is about a serial killer a female serial killer and at first, I was like wow this is a really different zone for jyothika but then it turns out to be a fairly typical jyothika moving in the sense that it is about an issue that is good in itself it's a very very important issue to talk about child sexual abuse about how that trauma stays with you and never goes away however old you get.

    So that's what the issues about and you kind of can say that you moved on and you know you put it behind you or something like that but when this person says they still have nightmares from what happened you really know what it kind of like even though you don't know the exact same thing but when you say that this person is waking up with nightmares even now after all these years then you get an idea of the seriousness of the whole thing because conceptually you know it's bad but you know when you proceed on screen when you see it enacted it's a whole new level the problem with affirming though is that apart from this issue nothing else works.

    The characters are badly written the coatroom exchanges are interesting enough to see the point is that you take an issue and you have to weave an interesting sheet play around it and that doesn't happen like there is no reason Pandia Rajan should be in this movie.

    Similarly, there is no reason for we know when you buy there nothing to be their movie theaters props nothing is written around them and Tiago Rajan appears as a bad man right away and this is not a spoiler because right from the very first scene we know that he's a bad man he touches the laborer and then immediately he washes his hands.

    Another thing that did not quite work  is that the tone of the film which should be dark and brooding is often made into a kind of cutesy thing there his father-daughter sees bar garage plays Jyoti cos father and even in the flashback there is these cute scenes which kind of belong in a different movie now the most important thing in a thriller whether it's a courtroom kind of drama or whether it's an investigative thriller is mood and atmosphere that is the single most important thing if you look at Rogers and for instance, you will understand this that's flashback not alerted us earlier to what that twist is I mean I'll leave that for you to discover but I hope that you know with the advent of OTT somethings at least change now this film is what it is it's an extreme audience pleaser.

    Ponmagal Vandhal  movie wants to include all the family audiences and you feel that it is what it is because it was intended as a theatrical release so they want to say okay but you know in future when people find out their ready projects I hope that they realize that this kind of audience pandering is not necessary or will they just say that you know this is what worked on screen and this is what people like to watch your to and will they do not act natural change because one thing that I keep hearing about oddity is that how a lot of us are watching shows from abroad and how uncompromised they are and how brilliant they are but then when it comes to local stuff are we going to say you know I get all that edgy stuff from there why do I need edgy stuff from here.

     Short Summary

    Movie is really good. Especially Jyotika, Bakiyaraj and Partiban acting was excellent.Parthiban and jyothika rocked in this film,Also the suspense , parthipan, and Bhagyaraj were good. Few scenes are not good for weak , but that was required to create the impact.In case you want to get Darbar movie download link,checkout our blog.

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